Frequently Asked Questions About Our Stool Donor Program

The following are some very common questions we hear about our donor program and they may answer questions you already have.

Are stool donors paid?

Qualified donors may be compensated up to $30 per qualifying donation.  To qualify for payment, paperwork is completed fully at the time of donation, the donation meets a minimum weight requirement, and the donor attends the follow up blood test.

Does it cost me anything to be a donor?

No! Our donors are regularly compensated to participate in our program. Costs for testing are covered by Rebiotix.

Where is Rebiotix located?

2660 Patton Road, Roseville MN 55113

How do I sign up to donate stool?

Get started by contacting our stool donor program personnel.

Does donation take long?

No! We try to make it as simple as possible for you to come in and provide your donation and be on your way. No appointments necessary!

Can I bring my donation with me?

No. Our donors must use the restrooms at our facility to donate. This ensures that a donation is traceable to a specific trained, screened, and qualified donor.

What are donation hours?

Current donation hours:

  • M-Th: 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 6:30 AM – 4:00 PM

What is involved with stool and blood testing?

The material needed for stool testing is taken from a donor’s regular donations. Easy!

Blood testing is scheduled for donors approximately every 6 weeks. The donor must be able to visit the Rebiotix facility at the regularly scheduled blood test date. A small amount of blood is drawn by a professional phlebotomist for testing purposes.

What sort of health screening is there?

Besides the blood and stool testing, donors must answer initial health history questions and ongoing health questions to ensure they are eligible to donate.

How do I learn more about Rebiotix?

You can start here and read about us or view our latest press releases.

Additionally, you can follow us on: