Stool Donor Program Overview

Rebiotix Inc., a Ferring Company, is on the forefront of an exciting medical breakthrough, and it all begins with stool donors.

We harness the human microbiome by collecting human stool, which contains the microbes we need to make our drug therapy for our patients. Our MRT™ drug platform is delivering healthy, live, human-derived microbes into a sick patient’s intestinal track to treat disease.

Rebiotix is the first company to take on the challenge of rigorously investigating a microbiota-based drug under the guidance of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our qualified donors are people who:

  • Provide stool donations:
    • At our facility
    • Multiple times per week
    • On a regular, ongoing basis
  • Pass initial and ongoing health screenings
  • Are between 18-55 years of age
  • Participate in ongoing stool and blood testing (paid for by Rebiotix)

Interested in becoming a donor?

To begin the process of becoming a stool donor you first need to take the quick, online pre-screening stool donor program survey.

stool donor program candidate applying