Microbiota Restoration Therapy™ (MRT™) Drug Platform

Microbiota Restoration Therapy (MRT) drug platform is the Rebiotix drug platform for delivering healthy, live, human-derived microbes into a sick patient’s intestinal tract to treat disease.

The Rebiotix clinical program assessing RBX2660 for recurrent C. diff. is at the most advanced stage of development of any microbiota-based drug being investigated under a U.S. Food and Drug Administration Investigational New Drug application.

The normal ‘healthy’ gut contains trillions of microbes working symbiotically to maintain human health. Targeting the human gut microbiota to treat disease is an expanding medical frontier.

MRT™ drug platform has potential to impact clinical practice by treating disease with an entirely new category of drugs.

MRT Platform Extensions and Opportunities

MRT Platform Extensions

Abnormalities in the human gut microbiota have been implicated in many diseases. In addition to C. diff., researchers worldwide are investigating possible links between the gut microbiota and other infectious, metabolic, liver, inflammatory, and neurological diseases.

As more detailed findings on cause and effect of alterations in the gut microbiota and disease are demonstrated, Rebiotix will leverage its knowledge and expertise to develop and investigate specific MRT formulations and regimens for these conditions.